freedom debt reliefFreedom Debt Relief is a company committed to helping their customers evaluate their debt settlement or debt relief options. People who are struggling with high levels of debt often feel trapped by the balances they owe to creditors and are unsure how to regain financial freedom. Freedom Debt Relief has been assisting customers in these situations for more than a decade, helping them to assess their financial situation and become educated regarding what options exist to eliminate the debt.

Credit cards and other types of unsecured debt can accumulate rapidly during times of unemployment, unexpected expenses, medical emergencies, and rising cost of necessities. Although building an emergency fund is ideal, it is not always possible for families to save a portion of their income regularly. Unfortunately, in many instances credit becomes a financial safety net for those individuals and families experiencing trouble meeting their obligations. Since its inception, Freedom Debt Relief has settled more debt for customers than any other debt relief business in the United States.

Freedom Debt Relief carefully screens applicants for those interested in resolving debts, to ensure that they will qualify and be able to provide an appropriate solution. Prior to enrolling in a debt reduction plan with Freedom Debt Relief, a specialist will thoroughly evaluate your outstanding debt and educate you about alternatives to debt reduction. These alternatives may include continuing to make minimum payments, debt consolidation plans, and counseling. It is important for those considering debt reduction plans to recognize that their credit may be adversely affected by enrollment, and utilize this information in making a final decision. When choosing a debt reduction program it is important to realize that you may continue to receive collection calls for outstanding balances.

Debt reduction companies are able to negotiate lower balances with their customers’ creditors and assume the responsibility of communicating with the creditors. Freedom Debt Relief seeks to resolve debts for their customers within 24-48 months by reducing existing credit balances. For their services, Freedom Debt Relief charges a fee to its customers. This fee however, is only payable after a balance has been successfully negotiated on behalf of the customer. On average, the Fresh Start Program collects fees that represent 7% of the outstanding annual balance. For individuals on the verge of bankruptcy, Freedom Debt Relief offers programs that enable individuals to pay off their balances more quickly, and avoid the many complications associated with bankruptcy.